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Fogs are back in action!

posted Dec 14, 2011, 8:05 PM by Chris Agneta
After melting my previous set of amber fog lights on the trip to Ocean City I finally got around to replacing the lenses on the kc 26 lights that are behind the grill.  I mounted a pair of HID lamps in the KC 26 housings and now I have a nice set of HID yellows!

The Yellows are excellent fro inclement weather driving and help to reduce the glare off falling snow and rain.

While at work I took some down time to mount a few more switches in a blank plate in the dash to control the new lights and accessories.
Now there are switches for;
Remote start override
KC Driving Rally 800 HID lights
KC 26 HID amber fogs
KC 26 55w flood pattern rear facing work lights
with two switches left over for whatever comes next!

Up next for project K1500 is a BackRack, and the E-Locker install.

As always, more to follow in the next couple of weeks.