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'64 El Camino Custom

This El recently went under the knife to receive an engine bay and interior restoration.
The goal with this overhaul was to upgrade the performance as much as possible,
While retaining the original look of the car.

In 2010, the tired stock 283 that the car came with was swapped for
 a freshly rebuilt 327 cubic inch 1964 corvette motor.

64 El
The engine chosen was a spare at the garage and had already been rebuilt,
bored 0.030 over spec and had a mild cam installed.
The engine bay was sanded and repainted with the appropriate matte black for the 1964 vintage.
 The engine was painted Chevrolet Orange and mated to a rebuilt Muncie 4 Speed transmission.

64 El Engine
Something needed to feed the engines new found thirst for gasoline, 
a freshly rebuilt Rochester Quadra-Jet carburetor was called into play.
 Once the engine swap was completed it was time to let it breathe better,
 to unlock all the hidden ponies that this motor had to offer, so a high flow air cleaner was
installed and a 2.5 inch custom exhaust with two high flow turbo mufflers was crafted
by a local exhaust shop.

64 El Interior
To finish the project off the interior was completely removed, cleaned,
and a new carpet pad and carpet were installed and then the interior reassembled.

As on any true muscle car, you should be able to find burnt rubber melted into the exhaust tips.

-327 cubic inch corvette sourced motor. rebuilt, bored, with a mild cam
-Rebuilt Rochester Quadra Jet carb
-Rebuilt wide ratio 4 speed Muncie Transmission
-4 core radiator with 180* thermostat
-2.5" custom exhaust from manifolds to tips