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Renovating the Garage

posted Aug 12, 2011, 9:11 PM by Chris Agneta   [ updated Aug 12, 2011, 10:42 PM ]
Over the last month the garage has gone through a pretty extensive makeover. At some point we decided that it would be in everyone's best interest (for sanity reasons) to epoxy the floor and repaint the walls rebuild the work surfaces and re-organize the parts collection upstairs.

These are the before pictures, there was a fair amount of staining in the concrete, especially on the lift side and there are far too many parts and other randomness stashed all over.
So one day Kevin and I decided to go ahead and empty the garage out entirely so we could sort through everything and free up some space. From there our idea evolved past
the stages of cleaning and turned into something much more adventurous, we decided to do a total rebuild of the interior of the garage.

Once everything was out of the garage we decided to go after the floor first. We Swept the floor, then pressure washed, then brushed, then swept again, then etched, then brushed the etcher in, then pressure washed the etcher away, then rinsed, and swept a final time. Once that ordeal was complete the floor received a coat of primer, then once the primer was dry it got a coat of topcoat and finally Kevin applied the flake to the wet paint for the perfect finishing touch. We repeated this process three times over two days splitting one garage bay into a day and the other bay into it's own day, with a three day rest in between to let the other side dry enough to walk on.

As the center picture shows off the floor was now entierly painted and set and we are getting ready to do battle with the walls and work surfaces. You can see in the middle picture that we have already painted the concrete at the floor level to make the walls look more appealing, and we got the wall paint color matched to the concrete wall color we choose earlier in the project.
More on the painting and work surfaces coming up in a later post!